DRINKTEC 2017: a very successful event!

Wide range of storage and transport solutions for the beverage industry

Successful presentation at Drinktec 2017


Plastic crates were a big attraction at drinktec in Munich in September 2017, where Schoeller Allibert presented a wide range of products. Visitors took a keen interest in reusable solutions, like the new bottle crates with in-molding labels.


The world’s biggest trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry was a huge success this year for both organizers and exhibitors. With more than 76,000 visitors from over 170 countries, drinktec had the best results in its 66-year history – 10,000 more people attended than at the previous event in 2013. The trade fair also attracted more international visitors than ever: 67 percent came from countries besides Germany. According to an independent survey, visitors and exhibitors were very pleased with the atmosphere. This year for the first time, SIMEI, the trade fair for winery and bottling machinery, was held as a part of drinktec. This made it possible to reach new target groups, and it fit perfectly in the event.


In-molding labels (IMLs) are a big attention-getter

A total of 1,749 exhibitors from 80 countries took part. Schoeller Allibert had its booth in hall A2. Visitors took a keen interest in the company’s versatile plastic containers and solutions for custom designs, such as in-moulding labels (IMLs), which can be easily integrated into existing injection moulding processes. The labels are usually printed plastic films that are only a few tenths of a millimeter thick. The designs range from photorealistic imprints to 3D prints. As an example, Schoeller Allibert showcased a bottle crate with a capacity of 20 x 0.5 liters for the Polish brewing company Grupa ?ywiec S.A. Also on display was the reusable crate for the Krombacher brewery’s naturally cloudy cellar beer. Thanks to IML and special surface structuring, the crate, which holds 24 0.33-liter bottles, has an authentic grained wood look, which emphasizes the quality and the original rustic image of the cellar beer.


Schoeller Allibert also presented its ComboLife range of foldable bag-in-box containers for safe, hygienic and cost-efficient transport of liquids. Users will discover significant advantages over other intermediate bulk container (IBC) systems based on drums or steel containers: They are easy to fill, empty and transport. Moreover, they are reusable, which considerably reduces packaging waste.


Trade fair was a total success

For Schoeller Allibert, drinktec 2017 was a total success. Its employees from the Benelux countries, France, Spain, the Czech Republic and Germany were glad to see the large crowds. “It was exciting to witness the large number of industry visitors and their lively interest in our product range,” sums up Frank Reininghaus, Beverage Sales Director at Schoeller Allibert. “Many of them took the opportunity to get a close look at our products and find out how they ensure efficient storage and transport of beverages and liquids.”





Figure 1: At drinktec 2017 Schoeller Allibert presented its wide range of reusable plastic beverage crates.



Figure 2: The Polish brewery Grupa ?ywiec S.A. uses in-molding labels for its new bottle crate with a capacity of 20 x 0.5 liters.


Figure 3: Thanks to IML and special surface structuring, the realistic wood look of the 24 x 0.33-liter capacity crate emphasizes the traditional character of the Krombacher brand.



Images: Schoeller Allibert GmbH

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